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What is Nano Liquid Membrane Introduction

by:Catech      2023-05-06

Nano liquid film is a light-transmitting nano film layer material. Particles with a thickness of 5-8um and a particle size of less than 20nm can transmit light well, absorb and refract natural heat sources, and solve the problems of secondary light pollution and lighting of reflective heat insulation products such as various glass films and LOW-E glass. Problems with glass cleaning. It has played a major role in promoting the energy-saving and environmental protection industry!

Mobile phone nano liquid film

Now more and more mobile phones use 2.5D curved glass screens like the iPhone, but the curved glass screen has a great impact on the film, so foreign liquid nano protective films have attracted attention again. It is said that this protective film It can perfectly solve the problem of film sticking on curved screens. This liquid coating uses a light-transmitting nano-material, which can improve the microscopic surface smoothness of the screen, improve wear resistance by reducing friction, and is anti-scratch and anti-drop. characteristics.

When fingerprints are stained on several screens, the fingerprints on the plastic film and tempered film are more difficult to erase when erasing. The mobile phone with liquid coating is very easy to clean, and the fingerprints will automatically fade away after a period of time. Embodies the charm of technology.

So speaking, the mobile phone coating is similar to the upgraded technology version of the mobile phone film. It is more invisible and has a better feel, but it also makes users not care about its existence. It is very comfortable to use, and the fonts on the phone screen are clearly visible under strong sunlight during the day, so there is no need to cover the screen with your hands to watch. At the same time, the nano-liquid film also has the functions of anti-blue light, anti-ultraviolet, and eye protection, and protects eyesight.

Removal method of mobile phone nano liquid film:

Apply toothpaste on a small handkerchief or towel, and evenly apply it on the phone film or case (the soft case is the most effective), do not apply too much, enough to cover the scratches on the phone film or case just fine. After 1 to 2 minutes, wipe it off with a towel or handkerchief dipped in water, and leave it overnight to remove the liquid film on the phone.

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