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What is an amorphous alloy

by:Catech      2023-04-22

Let's start with amorphous materials. There are generally two types of materials that people come into contact with in daily life: one is crystalline materials and the other is amorphous materials. The so-called crystalline material refers to the arrangement of atoms inside the material follows certain rules. Conversely, if the internal atomic arrangement is in an irregular state, it is an amorphous material. Generally, metals whose internal atoms are arranged in an orderly manner are all crystalline materials. Scientists have discovered that after the metal is melted, the internal atoms are in an active state. Once the metal starts to cool, the atoms will gradually arrange in an orderly manner according to a certain crystal state law as the temperature drops, forming a crystal. If the cooling process is fast, the atoms are solidified before rearrangement, thus producing an amorphous alloy, which is a rapid solidification process. Spray high-temperature molten steel in a molten state onto a cooling roll rotating at high speed. The molten steel is rapidly cooled at a rate of one million degrees per second, and it only takes one thousandth of a second to reduce the molten steel at 1300°C to below 200°C to form an amorphous strip.

Compared with crystalline alloys, amorphous alloys have significant changes in physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Taking the amorphous alloy mainly composed of iron as an example, it has the characteristics of high saturation magnetic induction and low loss. Due to such characteristics, amorphous alloy materials have a broad application space in many fields such as electronics, aviation, aerospace, machinery, and microelectronics. For example, in the field of aerospace, it can reduce the weight of power supply and equipment, and increase the payload. Used in civilian electric power and electronic equipment, it can greatly reduce the size of the power supply, improve efficiency, and enhance anti-interference ability. The miniature iron core can be widely used in transformers in ISDN. Amorphous strips are used to make sensor tags for anti-theft systems in supermarkets and libraries. Amorphous alloys have magical effects and have broad market prospects.

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