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What is a non-alloy crystal and what are its applications?

by:Catech      2023-04-21

Amorphous alloy is solidified by ultra-rapid cooling. When the alloy is solidified, the atoms have no time to arrange and crystallize in an orderly manner. The obtained solid alloy has a long-range disordered structure. The grains and grain boundaries of the state alloy exist. This amorphous alloy has many unique properties. Due to its excellent performance and simple process, it has become the focus of research and development in the field of material science at home and abroad since the 1980s. Iron-based amorphous alloy is composed of 80% Fe and 20% Si, B-type metal elements. It has a high saturation magnetic induction (1.54T), and its magnetic permeability, excitation current and iron loss are superior to silicon steel sheets. specialty.

The main application of amorphous alloy:

After having a preliminary understanding of amorphous alloys, let's take a look at a very promising application field of amorphous alloys - amorphous transformers. Amorphous alloy iron core transformer is a transformer made of a new type of magnetically permeable material—amorphous alloy. Power loss) is reduced by about 75%, and the no-load current (when the transformer secondary is open circuit, the primary still has a certain current, this part of the current is called no-load current) is reduced by about 80%. It is a distribution transformer with an ideal energy-saving effect at present. It is especially suitable for places with low load rates such as rural power grids and developing regions. China's listed company - Zhixin Electric introduced the proprietary technology of amorphous alloy transformers from General Electric Company of the United States, through digestion and absorption, independently innovated and developed a series of amorphous alloy transformers suitable for the operation of China's power grid, which has become the largest in China. A large specialized manufacturer of amorphous alloy transformers, which proves the broad market space for amorphous materials.

Since 2006, the price of silicon steel has risen sharply, making the price of amorphous steel even lower than that of silicon steel; at the same time, its energy-saving effect has also attracted much attention due to the emphasis on energy issues. Due to its lower loss rate, amorphous strip can play a very good role in reducing power consumption when used in new distribution transformers. As the Chinese transformer market accelerates the development of amorphous distribution transformers, amorphous strip The material market is constantly expanding.

Differences from traditional silicon steel sheets

Unlike traditional silicon steel sheets, amorphous alloys are brittle after stamping and difficult to form laminations. Therefore, in practical applications, amorphous alloys often exist in the form of a winding process. In recent years, there have been more and more motors using amorphous soft magnetic materials, and its excellent energy-saving performance with low iron loss has attracted widespread attention from the academic community.

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