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Understanding the Advantages of Amorphous Core

by:Catech      2023-05-12

Understanding the Advantages of Amorphous Core for High-Voltage Applications


For a long time, high-voltage applications have been known to be power-intensive and require optimal efficiency. One of the critical components that influence transmission and distribution of the electrical energy is the core materials in transformers and inductors. The material used as core significantly affects the performance and effectiveness of the equipment. In this article, we will discuss amorphous core and the advantages it brings to high-voltage applications

What is amorphous core?

Amorphous core refers to a magnetic core material with an atomic arrangement that lacks the ordered crystalline structure of conventional metallic alloys. The structure of amorphous core provides unique properties to the material such as high permeability, low loss, and saturation magnetization.

Low core loss:

Core loss or iron loss occurs as the core material is magnetized during transformer or inductor operation. Low core loss materials result in reduced energy loss and improved efficiency. Amorphous cores have lower core losses compared to conventional core materials such as silicon steel. This characteristic is as a result of their unique atomic structure which provides for soft magnetic properties, making them an ideal choice for high-frequency applications.

High permeability:

Amorphous cores exhibit higher permeability than silicon steel cores. Enhanced permeability translates to the ability of the material to pass through a magnetic field, and thus a higher voltage output. Amorphous core contains magnetic domains that can be quickly reoriented to support the magnetic field. The permeability of amorphous core makes it an ideal material for inductors and transformers that are operated at high frequencies, and require high voltage outputs.


Amorphous cores are lightweight compared to traditional core materials. Transformers and inductors that rely on amorphous cores are more compact and lighter than those using standard silicon steel cores. The reduced weight is an essential feature, especially where space and weight are limiting factors. Additionally, reduced weight results in reduced transport and handling expenses, and ease assembly of the equipment.

Noise reduction:

Amorphous cores are effective noise reduction components. Transformers using amorphous cores produce fewer noise emissions as the core's laminations vibrate under load. Reduced noise levels bring many benefits such as less fatigue and exposure to workers, less noise pollution to the environment, and less interference with communication and electronic systems. This effect makes amorphous core usage a logical choice for areas seeking to meet the noise-reducing expectations.

Resistance to heat:

Amorphous cores tolerate high temperatures with minimal core loss, making them suitable for high-temperature applications. The high-temperature performance is as a result of their unique atomic structure, which offers high mechanical stability at high temperatures. Traditional silicon steel cores are prone to degradation and thermal stress when subjected to significant heat, reducing the equipment's reliability and lifespan.


Amorphous cores offer several benefits, particularly concerning high-voltage applications. They offer low core loss, high permeability, lightweight, noise reduction, and resistance to heat, significantly improving efficiency and performance of the electrical equipment. Adopting amorphous cores presents numerous advantages while providing a combination of mechanical and operational benefits, making them an attractive option for high-frequency transformer and inductor applications. Therefore, many companies are actively researching amorphous cores to take advantage of their benefits in power electronics.

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