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Suggestions for the development of nanotechnology in China

by:Catech      2023-04-29

According to the new trend of nanotechnology development in China and abroad, the outline deployment to guide the development of China's nanotechnology in the next 5 to 10 years is issued; the deep integration of government, production, learning, research, and integration is promoted, and the five types of scientific and technological planning are used in an overall manner to promote China's nanotechnology. Comprehensive development of science and technology in basic research, application development, achievement transformation, industrial development, etc.; facing the country's major strategic needs, priority areas and major scientific challenges, organizing and coordinating the contribution of China's nanotechnology community; establishing a comprehensive and regular evaluation of China's nanotechnology development status organizational mechanism.

Improve the review mechanism for disruptive innovation projects, and create an innovative atmosphere that dares to be the first and tolerates failure. Improve scientific research project funding management methods, reduce the pressure on researchers to produce short-term results, and make them dare to choose the frontier direction of nanotechnology with strong foundation, long cycle and high risk, and promote the output of major original results. Change the trend of 'heavy things over people' in scientific research funding, and stimulate the enthusiasm of researchers. Give full play to the positive role of various talent plans in stimulating innovation, while paying attention to eliminating their negative effects.

Strengthen industry-university-research cooperation, establish a collaborative innovation mechanism for basic research and application development, and accelerate the transfer of nanotechnology achievements from the laboratory to the market. Guide enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes to actively carry out cooperation in the early stage of research and development, connect 'demand' and 'supply', and give full play to the advantages of enterprises in understanding the market in innovation decision-making. Encourage enterprises to increase investment in the research and development process, and actively promote the transformation of results after they are produced. By improving laws and regulations and promulgating implementation rules, standardize and protect the interests of all parties in industry, academia and research, and promote the transfer and transformation of achievements.

Strengthen the cross-cooperation between nanotechnology and information, energy, environment, water resources, human health, advanced manufacturing and other fields to provide strong support for meeting the country's major strategic needs, promoting the development of priority areas, and solving major scientific challenges. Vigorously strengthen research on the impact of nanotechnology on human health and the environment, attach importance to research on the ethics and social impact of nanotechnology, and speed up the research and revision of relevant laws and regulations. Attaches great importance to the application of nanotechnology in the field of national defense. Develop and apply big data technology to promote the development of nanotechnology.

Strengthen international cooperation in nanotechnology, especially in important fields such as nanomedicine, impact on human health and the environment, and international standards, to learn from each other's strengths and improve research efficiency and quality. Support Chinese scientists and scientific research institutions to take the lead in organizing international and regional nanotechnology cooperation, and enhance the international discourse power.

Carry out nanotechnology education, covering all stages from basic education to higher education, and cultivate professionals in the field of nanotechnology. The National Nanotechnology Guidance and Coordination Committee organizes the establishment, operation, and maintenance of nanotechnology official propaganda websites and new media platforms to strengthen public science education, enhance the public's correct understanding of nanotechnology, and form a good social atmosphere conducive to the development of nanotechnology. Strengthen nano science popularization through animations, comics and other forms that young people like to hear and see.

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