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Key Properties of Amorphous Core Materials for

by:Catech      2023-05-16


Transformers are essential components in electrical power systems. They are responsible for the transfer of energy from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction. The efficiency of a transformer is primarily dependent on its core material. The core material used in transformer manufacturing influences its magnetic properties, which in turn, affects the performance of the transformer. Amorphous core materials are becoming popular in transformer manufacturing due to their unique properties. This article examines key properties that make amorphous core materials ideal for transformer applications.

Amorphous Core Materials Explained

Amorphous core materials, also known as metallic glass, are materials that do not crystallize and are characterized by a disordered atomic structure. They are produced by rapid solidification of metal alloys cooled at rates that exceed one million degrees Celsius per second. This results in the formation of a non-crystalline solid metal. The non-crystalline structure is responsible for the unique magnetic properties exhibited by amorphous core materials.

Highly Efficient Magnetic Properties

Amorphous core materials exhibit high magnetic permeability, which translates to high induction and low coercive force. This property results in low core loss, and hence high energy efficiency. In transformer applications, amorphous core materials reduce the amount of energy wasted as heat during energy transfer due to their low core loss. This leads to increased energy efficiency and cost savings for consumers.

Low Hysteresis Loss

Hysteresis loss is the energy lost during each cycle of magnetization and demagnetization of a core material. It is a result of the energy required to re-align the magnetic domains in the core material. Amorphous core materials exhibit low hysteresis loss because of their unique non-crystalline atomic structure. The low hysteresis loss results in reduced core heating and hence increased transformer efficiency. This property makes amorphous core materials ideal for high-frequency transformer applications where power losses become a significant concern.

High Saturation Flux Density

Saturation flux density refers to the maximum magnetic field intensity a core material can sustain. Amorphous core materials exhibit high saturation flux density, making them ideal for transformer applications that require high magnetic flux densities. With higher saturation flux densities, transformers using amorphous core materials can operate at lower magnetic flux densities, enabling the design of compact, and lightweight transformers.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Amorphous core materials exhibit wide operating temperature ranges, making them ideal for various temperature applications. The unique atomic structure of amorphous core materials enables flexibility during manufacturing, resulting in the fabrication of materials that can operate efficiently under both high and low-temperature environments. This property makes amorphous core materials ideal for use in transformers operating in harsh environments with extreme temperatures.


Amorphous core materials continue to revolutionize transformer manufacturing. The unique magnetic properties of amorphous core materials make them ideal for transformer applications that require high energy efficiency. The low core loss, low hysteresis loss, high saturation flux density, and wide operating temperature make amorphous core materials a viable alternative to traditional transformer core materials. As research into amorphous core material continues, it is expected that there will be a rise in their use in transformer manufacturing in the future.

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