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Introduction to the Grounding Points of Transformer Core

by:Catech      2023-04-30

(1) Separately set up a grounding lead wire of the iron yoke clamp. Because if the iron core hits the upper clamp and causes a multi-point ground fault, the ground current only flows inside the iron core clamp, and there is no current flowing in the iron core grounding lead-out line, which will cause the staff to mistakenly believe that the iron core has not failed; After setting, no matter where the iron core touches the clamp, it will form a loop through two grounding external leads, so that the grounding current can be correctly detected externally.

(2) The iron core ground piece is placed in the middle of the cross section of the iron yoke. Placed in this way, no matter where the iron yoke tie insulation bolt is and where the fault grounding point is, the optimal induced voltage of the circuit is only 1/4 of the turn voltage, and the ZD grounding current at this time is only about a few amperes, which is relatively low. The core ground tab is much smaller when placed elsewhere.

(3) If it is necessary to place the iron core grounding piece at another location due to the inconvenience of on-site installation, the insulating bolts of the iron yoke strap and the grounding piece should also be placed diagonally to prevent large currents from being generated.

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