Catech is committed to leading supplier of soft magnetic materials and amorphous & nanocrystalline core / ribbon applications.

How does China Amorphous Technology manufacture transformer toroidal core?
In China Amorphous Technology Co., Ltd, the production process of transformer toroidal core can be summarized briefly as follows. Raw materials, as the basic elements for manufacturing the products, should be prepared first of all. Having been tested thoroughly, they will go through a formal processing treatment. Please pay attention to the changes which may involve several phases of chemical reactions because these changes will finally decide the performance of the finished products. Then, after shaping up the products, quality tests will be carried out. For more details, we welcome your on-field visit to our factory.
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As a main provider for toroidal core, China Amorphous Technology is deeply trusted by customers. The Cobalt-based core series is one of the main products of . Catech nanocrystalline cores passes many Lens and Optical testings which include luminous transmittance, UV transmittance, blue-light transmittance, and anti-reflection luminous reflectance. The product is in high demand in the international market due to its high quality and good usability.
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Amorphous core has long been a tenet of China Amorphous Technology. Check it!

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