Catech is committed to leading supplier of soft magnetic materials and amorphous & nanocrystalline core / ribbon applications.

How about production process for cut core?
To ensure the performance, consistency, and quality of cut core that is sent to customers, when producing, the raw materials shall go through strict selection procedures; the design and manufacturing stages shall be carefully planned and implemented according to industry standards and customers’ expectation; quality at each link shall be rigorously monitored and inspected. And before delivery, testing and inspecting carefully the quality and safety of the finished products is also required. The production of cut core is not complicated but requires scientific management and attention down to the smallest details to ensure quality and efficiency.
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China Amorphous Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most outstanding company which specializes in amorphous cut core. focuses on providing a variety of amorphous cut core for customers. The design of Catech toroidal ferrite core involves many aspects. It mainly includes process mechanics, structural dynamics, process dynamics, stability, and CAD/CAM integration. To strictly guarantee quality of toroidal core, China Amorphous Technology implements measures of toroidal ferrite core.
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Toroidal ferrite core has long been a business tenet of China Amorphous Technology. Inquire!

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