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Effect of curing process of flexible curing agent on properties of nanocrystalline iron core

by:Catech      2023-04-27

The ring iron core is made by winding the amorphous strip, and the nanocrystalline iron core is prepared by annealing, then put into the epoxy resin flexible curing agent for vacuum impregnation, and then cured in a drying oven. The effect of curing process on the cuttability and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline iron cores was studied by orthogonal experiments. The results show that under the condition of vacuum impregnation, the curing agent can fully fill the gap of the iron core strip, and the iron core has excellent cuttability after curing; the main factor affecting the loss of the iron core is the curing temperature, and the Zjia curing process is: curing temperature 353 K , curing time 180 min, filler ratio 10%. The iron core loss cured by this process is relatively low: P1/1k=7.319W/kg, P0.5/10k=20.888 W/kg, the magnetic induction intensity (H=7 A/m) drops by 20%, and the initial magnetic permeability μi decreased by 55%, and Zda magnetic permeability μmax decreased by 40%. In the range of f=50Hz~1 kHz, the curing shrinkage of the curing agent has a great influence on the inductance of the iron core, and the effect of curing shrinkage on the inductance of the iron core can be effectively reduced by adjusting the curing process. In the range of f = 1 ~ 100 kHz, the curing agent has little effect on the inductance of the iron core, and has little effect on the inductance change rate.

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