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Developing High-Performance Nanocrystalline Core

by:Catech      2023-05-14

Developing High-Performance Nanocrystalline Core for Power Inductors

Power inductors are an essential component in the field of electronics, serving as passive components that store energy in the form of magnetic fields. In this regard, the development of high-performance nanocrystalline core goes a long way in enhancing the efficiency of power inductors. Nanocrystalline cores have the advantage of high saturation flux density, low electromagnetic interference, and low magnetostriction. This article delves into the development of high-performance nanocrystalline core for power inductors, highlighting the advantages and limitations.

Advantages of Nanocrystalline Cores

The use of nanocrystalline cores in power inductors is fast gaining momentum as they offer numerous advantages over traditional ferrite cores. One advantage is the high saturation flux density of nanocrystalline cores, which is three times higher than that of ferrite cores. The high saturation flux density enables for the design of smaller-sized cores that match or surpass the performance of larger ferrite cores.

Another significant advantage of nanocrystalline cores is their low level of magnetostriction. Magnetostriction is the property of some materials to change dimensions when magnetized. The low magnetostriction of nanocrystalline cores results in less acoustic noise, making these cores ideal for applications that require low noise levels.

Finally, nanocrystalline cores exhibit low electromagnetic interference (EMI) levels. EMI is the electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic equipment that interferes with other electron devices or circuits. The low EMI exhibited by nanocrystalline cores makes them ideal for high-frequency power applications, audio equipment, medical devices, and other applications that require minimal interference.

Limitations of Nanocrystalline Cores

Despite the numerous advantages offered by nanocrystalline cores, they have a few limitations that must be considered when designing power inductors. One limitation is their lower permeability compared to ferrite cores. Permeability is the ability of a material to store the magnetic energy applied to it. Due to their lower permeability, nanocrystalline cores require more winding turns than traditional ferrite cores to achieve the same inductance.

Another limitation of nanocrystalline cores is their cost. Nanocrystalline cores are more expensive than traditional ferrite cores, which makes them less accessible to some designers. However, the cost factor is changing as the demand for nanocrystalline cores increases, and their production becomes more efficient.

Developing High-Performance Nanocrystalline Cores

The development of high-performance nanocrystalline cores involves a set of critical steps aimed at achieving the desired magnetic properties. One of the essential steps is the production of the nanocrystalline material, which involves the rapid quenching of a molten alloy. The quenching process forms the amorphous precursor, which is then annealed to form the nanocrystalline material. The annealing process involves heating the amorphous precursor at a specific temperature for a given time frame to form the desired crystal structure.

The crystal structure of the nanocrystalline material plays a significant role in determining the magnetic properties. A crystal structure with small crystals (<30 nm) and a high degree of crystallographic alignment promotes high permeability and low loss characteristics.

Another essential step in developing high-performance nanocrystalline cores is the design and optimization of the core shape. The core shape has a significant impact on the magnetic properties of the core, such as the inductance and frequency characteristics. The optimization of the core shape entails a series of simulations, experiments, and iterations aimed at achieving the desired magnetic properties.

Applications of Nanocrystalline Cores

Nanocrystalline cores have numerous applications across various industries that require high-performance power inductors. One such application is in the automotive industry, where nanocrystalline cores are used in high-current power inductors for engine control units and other high-performance applications.

Another application is in audio equipment such as high-end headphones and speakers. The low magnetostriction and low EMI exhibited by nanocrystalline cores make them ideal for audio equipment that requires minimal interference and low noise levels.


The development of high-performance nanocrystalline cores goes a long way in enhancing the performance of power inductors, which have numerous applications across various industries. The advantages of nanocrystalline cores, such as high saturation flux density, low magnetostriction, and low EMI, make them ideal for high-performance applications. However, the limitations of nanocrystalline cores, such as lower permeability and cost, must be considered when designing power inductors. The ongoing research and technological advancements in nanocrystalline core production and optimization ensure that these limitations will be addressed in the near future.

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