Catech is committed to leading supplier of soft magnetic materials and amorphous & nanocrystalline core / ribbon applications.

Could you please say sth about the details of cut core?
The details involving the product size, color, shape, and other specifications are all displayed on our website. Please browse our product page in detail and you will find more valuable information except for the product info. The external appearance, words, and logo of the product are all designed by our in-house design team who has great vision on the product appearance and structural configuration. As for the product functions, they are developed and upgraded by our R&D team. Compared with other similar products in the market, the product enjoys superior advantages in its versatility and service life. Due to these performances, more and more customers are lining up for the product.
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As a technologically toroidal core advanced enterprise, China Amorphous Technology Co., Ltd has superiority in quality. focuses on providing a variety of toroidal core for customers. Catech toroidal core manufacturers is meticulously manufactured. It goes through the following process: Grinding - Removes all sharpness from temples; Sanding - Smooths the inside of the frame and removes lines; Tumbler - Removes the sharpness from the frames. Through strict quality test, each toroidal core meets the standards of the industry before its shipping.
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China Amorphous Technology has established the service theory of toroidal core manufacturers. Call!

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