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About the types of nano coating products

by:Catech      2023-05-03
List some nano-coating products: 1. Environmentally-friendly nano-calcium-plastic coatings

2. Environmentally friendly water-based nano coatings

3. Epoxy prepolymer coating formula and its manufacturing process

4. Laser nano-oxide absorbing coating

6. Water-based functional coatings with self-cleaning, mildew-resistant, sterilizing and air-purifying functions

7. Antibacterial water-based coating composition

8. Antibacterial negative ion coating

9. Anti-ultraviolet and infrared energy-saving coatings

10. Lvbang nano-environmental protection coating

11. Multifunctional wall paint composition for interior and exterior walls and its preparation method

12. Interior wall nano paint and preparation method thereof

13. Nano-titanium dioxide sol coating and its preparation method and application

14. Nanocomposite high temperature resistant fireproof coating

15. Production method of nano-modified epoxy resin powder coating

16. Nano high-quality environmentally friendly latex paint

17. Nano-environmental protection water-based wood paint

18. Nano-polyurethane antistatic coating and its preparation method

19. Nano polyester powder coating

20. Nano antibacterial green paint latex paint

21. Nano green tempered paint

22. Nano-montmorillonite modified coating and its preparation method and application

23. Nano-scale interior and exterior wall modified coatings

24. Nano titanium glaze coating

25. Nano wiper paint

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