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About nano-magnetic material application sharing

by:Catech      2023-04-21

The development of soft magnetic nanomaterials has gone through the process of crystalline state, amorphous state, and nano-microcrystalline state. Nano-made metal soft magnetic materials have very excellent performance, high magnetic permeability, low loss, high saturation magnetization, and have been used in switching power supplies and transformers. Sensors, etc., can realize the miniaturization, light weight, high frequency and multi-function of devices, and develop very rapidly.

Magnetic nanoparticles as targeted drugs, cell separation and other medical applications are also a hot research topic in current biomedicine, and some have entered clinical trials.

The magnetic liquid Z was first used in the aerospace industry and then in the civilian industry. This is a very typical application of nanoparticles. It is composed of superparamagnetic nanoparticles coated with surfactants and then dispersed in the base liquid. There are magnetic liquid companies in the United States, Britain, Japan, Russia and other countries. Magnetic liquids are widely used in rotary seals, such as dust-proof seals for disk drives, high-vacuum rotary seals, etc., as well as applications such as speakers, damping devices, and magnetic printing.

Magnetoelectronic nanostructured devices are the most influential major achievements at the end of the 20th century. In addition to the giant magnetoresistance effect readout head, MRAM, and magnetic sensors, the research on new devices such as all-metal transistors is in the ascendant. Magnetoelectronics has become a popular new discipline.

Magnetic nanomaterials have broad application prospects in various fields such as electronics, machinery, optics, magnetism, chemistry and biology. The birth of nano science and technology will have a profound impact on human society. And it is possible to fundamentally solve many problems faced by human beings. In particular, major issues such as energy, human health and environmental protection. The main task at the beginning of the next century is to design various new materials and devices that conform to the century based on various novel physical and chemical properties of nanomaterials, and to modify traditional products through nanomaterial science and technology to increase their high-tech content and Develop new products with nanostructures. Gratifying signs have appeared, and the foundation for forming a new economic growth point in the next century has been established. Magnetic nanomaterials will become a shining star in the field of nanomaterials science and play a pivotal role in various fields such as new materials, energy, information, and biomedicine.

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