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What are the classifications of transformers?

by:Catech      2023-04-20

(1) Power transformer

At present, representative products that have been operating in the system include: 1150KV, 1200MV·A, 735~765KV, 800MV·A, 400~500KV, 3-phase 750MV·A or single-phase 550MV·A, 220KV, 3-phase 1300MV·A electric power Transformer; DC transmission ±500KV, 400MV·A converter transformer. Power transformers are mainly oil-immersed, and the product structure is divided into two types: core type and shell type. The production volume of core type accounts for 95%, and that of shell type only accounts for 5%. There is no overwhelming advantage between the core type and the shell type, but the core type process is relatively simple, so it is adopted by most enterprises; while the shell type structure and process are more complicated, only traditional factories use it. The shell type is especially suitable for high voltage and large capacity. It has advantages in insulation, machinery and heat dissipation, and is suitable for transportation of hydropower stations in mountainous areas.

(2) Distribution Transformer

The capacity of foreign distribution transformers can reach 2500KV·A, and there are circular and oval core forms. The circular ones account for the vast majority, and the elliptical ones use less material because of the small M0 (the distance between the core columns), and the corresponding coils are elliptical. Low-voltage coils are wire-wound and foil-type, and oil tanks are available with heat pipes (few) and corrugated (most).

(3) Dry-type transformer

Recently, dry-type transformers have developed rapidly in China. In big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, dry-type transformers have accounted for 50%, and in other large and medium-sized cities, they have also accounted for 20%. Dry change has four structures: epoxy resin casting, filling casting, wrapping and impregnation. At present, open and ventilated H-class dry-type transformers are widely used in Europe and the United States. It is a new type of H-class dry-type transformer developed after absorbing the characteristics of the wrapped structure and using Nomex paper on the basis of the impregnated type. Due to the high price, it is not popular in China. Not promoted yet. At present, China's dry-type distribution transformers with the largest short-circuit test capacity are 2500KV·A, 10/0.4KV; dry-type power transformers with the largest short-circuit test capacity are 16000KV·A, 35/10KV.

(4) Amorphous alloy transformer

Although amorphous alloy transformers have poor short-circuit resistance and high noise, they are energy-saving, so the future development prospects are promising. At present, China's largest amorphous alloy transformer core manufacturer has an annual production capacity of 3000~4000t of iron cores. The production technology of iron cores and transformers is not the key factor restricting the promotion of amorphous alloy iron core gold transformers. The use of amorphous alloy strips A breakthrough can lead to a leap in product quality.

(5) Wound Core Transformer

At present, the production of wound core transformers is mainly concentrated in the 10KV class, and the capacity is generally less than 800KV·A, and 1600KV·A has also been trial-produced, but most of the electric power departments purchase capacity below 315KV·A, which is suitable for rural power grids. There are more than 200 wound core transformer manufacturing plants in China, 20% of which have a certain scale. The production capacity of strong coil core transformers in China is about 16 million KV·A, but the actual output is relatively low.

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