Catech is committed to leading supplier of soft magnetic materials and amorphous & nanocrystalline core / ribbon applications.

What about the production flow for cut core in China Amorphous Technology?
A complete and modern production flow for manufacturing products is essential for a company. China Amorphous Technology Co., Ltd has formulated a scientific and reasonable production flow to ensure every step of the production is carried out efficiently. From the purchase of raw materials to the package of finished products, the production process requires the efforts of a large number of employees including designers, technicians, and workers. In addition, the concept of "quality control" goes throughout the whole production process because this ensures the high quality of the products.
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Regarded as a pioneer in Chinese field of toroidal transformer core, China Amorphous Technology is steadily expanding wider oversea market. focuses on providing a variety of toroidal core for customers. Catech toroidal ferrite core is of professional design. It is based on the knowledge of how manufacturing, surface, and material specifications relate to each other and can affect overall optical performance. Catech has been trying its best to provide the best customer service also including the after-sale service.
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To carry forward nanocrystalline cores is the base of China Amorphous Technology's work.

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