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Amorphous cores are beginning to be adopted by transformer manufacturers

by:Catech      2023-04-08

The traditional iron core manufacturing technology of power transformers uses silicon steel sheets as the basic material. In terms of reducing the loss of the transformer itself, no matter what country or manufacturer, it is the prerequisite to use high-quality silicon steel sheets to reduce the loss of the transformer itself. , There is experience in the replacement of increasing electric energy.

With the technological progress of the raw material manufacturing industry, until now the transformer manufacturing industry, especially the small-scale transformers used in the distribution network, manufacturers have begun to use amorphous alloys as the core materials for transformers.

Generally, the so-called amorphous alloy refers to a metal material that is processed by a special ultra-rapid cooling process. Due to the limitation of the material production process, it is generally a strip.

In the process of making amorphous alloys, the ultra-rapid condensation technology is considered appropriate, because in the microstructure of the material, metal atoms cannot be arranged in time to form common crystals during the process of solidification from liquid (molten steel) The structure is solidified. This state of disordered atomic structure is called amorphous state, and the resulting material is turned into an amorphous alloy. Amorphous alloy material has been found to have very good magnetic permeability. Its demagnetization and magnetization process is very easy to complete. Compared with silicon steel material, the core loss is greatly reduced, achieving high efficiency and energy saving effect. Therefore, as a very good magnetic material, it has been introduced into transformers and other products that require magnetic circuits. It is considered appropriate to use an amorphous alloy to make a transformer core, and the assembled transformer is called an amorphous alloy transformer or an amorphous alloy core transformer.

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