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The market prospect of amorphous energy-saving transformer is promising

by:Catech      2023-04-08

With the increasingly intensified pressure on energy resources and environmental protection, transformers, as energy-consuming equipment in the power transmission and transformation industry, have increasingly urgent technical needs to improve product energy efficiency.

At the 'Transformer Energy Saving Key Technology Seminar' held a few days ago, some experts analyzed that amorphous alloy transformers, as a high-efficiency energy-saving product, have attracted great attention from the National Development and Reform Commission and the power sector, and are being vigorously promoted. . The State Grid once issued a notice, stipulating that the proportion of amorphous transformers in the newly purchased transformers in the inspection in 2015 should reach more than 60%. Under the general environment of national energy conservation and emission reduction, the market prospect of amorphous alloy transformers is unanimously optimistic.

It has become inevitable in the construction of rural power grids

It is understood that the amorphous alloy transformer is a new type of energy-saving transformer that has emerged in recent years. The manufacturing principle of the amorphous alloy core transformer is mainly to use amorphous alloy materials instead of silicon steel sheets to manufacture transformers. The outstanding feature of amorphous alloy material is low ferromagnetic loss, so its main features are low no-load loss and small no-load current. 40% to 60%, and the load loss is reduced by 20% to 30%, so it has a great energy saving effect.

'Amorphous alloy transformers are the 'pioneers' in promoting the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries. The application of transformer products with obvious energy-saving effects and excellent economic benefits in distribution networks will effectively reduce the loss of distribution networks. It is in line with national industrial policies and power grids. The requirements for energy saving and consumption reduction are expected to become the leading products in the transformer market in the future.' A transformer manufacturer in Shanghai told reporters that if amorphous alloy transformers can completely replace the new S9 series distribution transformers, for example, the annual demand for 10kV distribution transformers is 50 million When kVA is calculated, then more than 10 billion kW/h of electricity can be saved a year, which will be very considerable economic and environmental benefits.

The load of China's rural power grid presents strong seasonal characteristics, and the light-load or no-load operation time of distribution transformers accounts for 70% to 80% of the total operation time. The use of amorphous alloy transformers, which are widely used in agricultural power grids, will certainly generate huge energy-saving potential.

At the meeting, a relevant person from the Jilin Electric Power Company told reporters that the company selected four low-voltage stations to replace 50 and 100 kVA amorphous alloy transformers for testing, and the load rate is generally between 20% and 100 kVA. 30%? The peak load during agricultural irrigation is 70% to 80%, which generally lasts for 2 months. After one year of operation, the replacement of the 4 sections of the amorphous alloy transformer, compared with the 4 sections of the S11 type transformer with the same capacity and similar load, the line loss decreased by 2% to 4% respectively. The loss of huge amount of electricity is reduced every year, which significantly increases the benefit.

'It is very necessary to use amorphous alloy transformers in the transformation of rural power grids, which can create high economic benefits for enterprises.' The person in charge said.

Some experts believe that with the continuous advancement of China's 'energy saving and consumption reduction' policy, the state encourages the development of energy-saving, low-noise, and intelligent distribution transformer products. Some high-energy distribution transformers operating on the grid are no longer in line with the development trend of the industry. They are facing the need for technology upgrades and replacements. In the future, they will be gradually replaced by energy-saving, material-saving, environmentally friendly, and low-noise amorphous alloy transformers.

Amorphous energy-saving transformer is expected to speed up

At present, the state has repeatedly issued documents to encourage the promotion and utilization of energy-saving transformers, but the production, sales and use of amorphous alloy transformers are not ideal, and the industrial scale and market capacity have not been effectively released. According to a person from Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, the current price of energy-saving distribution transformers, especially amorphous alloy transformers, is not cheap. Enterprises will have to invest a large amount of initial capital at one time in the process of transformer replacement, while the cost recovery period brought by equipment is not cheap. Too long, so it is difficult for users to make up their minds to replace. The way to solve the high cost and price is to continuously improve the industrialization capability of high-efficiency distribution transformers, including process optimization, material optimization, and improvement of production efficiency.

According to the '2016-2021 China Amorphous Alloy Transformer Industry Market Demand Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report' issued by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, in terms of technology and industrialization, it is necessary to improve the industrialization capacity of high-efficiency distribution transformers. Solve the problems of key raw materials and basic production processes of distribution transformers, strengthen research on energy-saving technology for distribution transformer systems, strengthen research on new technologies, new structures, and new materials for high-efficiency distribution transformers, and focus on research on single-phase distribution transformers and on-load capacity regulation. The applicable occasions and technical reliability of high-voltage distribution transformers, aluminum winding distribution transformers, and high-ignition plant insulating oil distribution transformers will improve the continuous innovation capability of the distribution transformer industry.

In addition, it is necessary to improve the construction of supporting systems for high-efficiency distribution transformers. Accelerate the revision, formulation and improvement of relevant standards and specifications, standardize distribution transformer testing and certification institutions, and establish a distribution transformer life cycle evaluation system. Carry out high-efficiency distribution transformer manufacturing and application demonstrations, and carry out high-efficiency distribution transformer manufacturing demonstrations and system application demonstrations.

On the whole, the development prospect of China's energy-saving transformer industry is still very broad, and the market demand will continue to expand.

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