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Production process and production method of amorphous alloy strip

by:Catech      2023-04-12

Amorphous alloys refer to metal bonds as their structural features, and the arrangement of atoms in three-dimensional space is topologically disordered, and there are no grains and grain boundaries of crystalline alloys. Compared with conventional crystalline alloys, amorphous alloys have excellent mechanical properties (high strength, high hardness, etc.), magnetism, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high resistivity, electromechanical coupling performance, and hydrogen storage performance. , in machinery, communications, electric power, aerospace, automobile industry and even national defense and military have a wide range of application potential. The preparation of amorphous alloys usually adopts ultra-rapid solidification, which usually requires high temperature and extremely high cooling rate, and the solidification time of the alloy is extremely short and difficult to control. Iron-based amorphous alloys have excellent soft magnetic properties such as high magnetic permeability, low coercive force, and low loss. It is called 'the green electronic material of the 21st century'.

In the existing amorphous alloy strip preparation technology, when preparing amorphous alloy strips, pure iron, metal silicon, and ferroboron are usually smelted in an intermediate frequency furnace. After the intermediate frequency furnace is kept warm, the liquid alloy is directly sprayed from the nozzle to the cooling The liquid alloy is quickly solidified into a thin strip with a certain thickness on the roll. The existing process has the following disadvantages: the adjustment of the composition of molten steel can only be completed during the smelting process of the intermediate frequency furnace in the general process of smelting, and the composition adjustment cannot be performed after tapping ;Because the ladle is not preheated before tapping, the temperature in the ladle is uneven after tapping, which makes it difficult to control the temperature of the next process; the thickness of the finished amorphous alloy strip is only 25 microns, and the general smelting process is not correct. The impurity elements dissolved in molten steel are processed, which has a great impact on product quality and yield.

Therefore, for the current production process of amorphous alloy strips, further improvement is required.

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