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How to Wind a Stator Winding Motor Coil

by:Catech      2023-04-30

Before winding, check whether the specification of the electromagnetic wire and its insulation thickness meet the requirements, and put the binding tape in the binding groove of the winding die for fastening after winding the coil.

The beginning of the winding is usually hung on the right hand side, winding from right to left, and the concentric winding starts from the small circle. The turns should be arranged neatly, and attention should be paid to the insulation of the wires at any time. If there is any damage, it should be properly wrapped or cut off, but the broken end should be left at the end for easy welding and deburring.

When winding the wire, the wire must be tightened, and the wire must be clamped to prevent the wire from being bent, as shown in the figure below. The coil leads should be left at the ends for easy connection. After the coil is wound, carefully check the number of turns, and then tighten the coil before removing it. If the wire is too thick and it is difficult to insert the wire, two or more wires can be wound together.

If the coils of a pole phase group are connected together, then after winding, a certain length of wire should be left as the connection between the pole phase groups; The casing is pre-threaded before winding.

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