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How to Reduce Inductor Core Loss

by:Catech      2023-04-30

We all know that inductance cores are used in many electronic products, such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, computers, converters, transformers and LED TV displays and so on. And everyone should also know that electronic products produce certain losses during the use process, and the inductance core is no exception. However, if the loss of the inductance core is too large, the service life of the inductance core will be reduced, and in severe cases, the normal operation of products using the inductance core will be affected. So how should we reduce the loss of the inductor core?

What is the reason for the loss of the inductor core? Since the loss of the chip inductor magnetic core mainly comes from two aspects of core loss and coil loss, and the loss of these two aspects needs to be judged according to its different circuit modes. Among them, the core loss is mainly due to the alternating magnetic field in the core material. The loss it produces is a function of the operating frequency and the total flux swing (ΔB), which will greatly reduce the effective conduction loss. Coil loss is the energy loss caused by the change of magnetic energy, which will reduce the strength of the magnetic field when the power inductor current drops.

And the way to reduce the core loss:

1. The core loss generated in the inductor core will decrease the allowable copper wire loss with the increase of the inductor core loss, and it will also bring about a surge in the flux of the same inductor core material. So as the switching frequency rises above 500 kHz, the inductor core losses and winding AC losses can greatly reduce the allowable DC current in the inductor.

2. The loss of the inductance core in the coil is mainly reflected in the loss of the copper wire. Therefore, if you want to reduce the loss of the copper wire, you must reduce it when the loss of the inductance core increases, and continue until the losses are equal. The situation is that the losses remain constant at high frequencies and allow large output currents to be obtained from the magnetic structure.

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