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Development prospect of amorphous alloy transformer

by:Catech      2023-04-12

As a new type of magnetic material - amorphous alloy has been used in the field of transformer manufacturing for 26 years. By analyzing the technical characteristics and technical economy of non-crystalline alloy transformers, and comparing the comprehensive benefits with S9 and S11 series transformers, the energy-saving effect of amorphous alloy transformers is reflected. Starting from the establishment of a conservation-oriented society in China and the demand for energy-saving products, analyze the macro-environment, industry status, and market demand for the development of amorphous alloy transformers, and discuss the feasibility of developing and producing amorphous alloy transformers and the amorphous alloy transformers Prospects for promotional use.

In recent years, China's power grid has achieved rapid development, and the scale, voltage level and coverage of the transmission network are Z in the world. However, compared with the international advanced level power grid, the line loss rate of China's power grid has always been high. As a key research direction in the field of energy applications, energy conservation and emission reduction has been raised to a new height. Transformer is an important equipment for power transmission, and the control of its energy consumption will help to save energy. Transformer losses account for a large proportion of the entire power grid line loss, especially in distribution networks. The transformer core material directly affects the no-load loss and no-load current of the transformer, which determines the loss of the transformer. The iron core material used in the amorphous alloy iron core distribution transformer is an amorphous alloy with outstanding magnetic conductivity, which reduces the loss value of the transformer. Compared with the current S9 series transformers, the amorphous alloy transformer saves 26% of no-load loss. Therefore, the promotion and use of amorphous alloy transformers will effectively solve the problem of high loss in the energy transmission process. , through the analysis of the material characteristics of the amorphous alloy strip and the structural characteristics of the amorphous alloy iron core, the relationship between the loss and efficiency of the amorphous alloy transformer and the load rate is proposed, and the annual operating cost of the silicon steel and amorphous alloy transformer, The payback period and total cost of ownership are comprehensively analyzed and compared. Thirdly, the technical performance of the amorphous alloy distribution transformer is analyzed, the various technical indicators of the amorphous alloy distribution transformer are deeply analyzed, and reasonable and reliable test and analysis methods are explored. Finally, the product structure of the amorphous alloy transformer is carried out

In this paper, the application, economic performance and technical performance of amorphous alloy transformers have been comprehensively and systematically studied and analyzed. It is necessary to vigorously promote and apply amorphous alloy transformers to greatly improve the power quality of the power grid and effectively reduce the loss of the power grid.

Due to its superior no-load performance, amorphous alloy transformers have attracted the attention of the industry since the trial production stage. With the introduction of various policies for energy saving and consumption reduction and the implementation of the scientific development concept, amorphous alloy transformers are an energy-saving product with excellent performance. And favored by the industry.

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