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Benefits of Using Amorphous Core in Power Transformers

by:Catech      2023-05-17


Transformers are incredibly crucial components in the power grid, offering voltage transformation and isolation that is essential for efficient power transmission. As such, it is essential to make sure that the transformers are working efficiently and reliably. One way of ensuring this is through the use of amorphous cores in power transformers. Amorphous cores have been gaining popularity in power transformer applications for their unique properties, which can help enhance the transformers' efficiency and reliability.

Here, we will look at the benefits of using amorphous cores in power transformers.

1. Better Energy Efficiency

Amorphous cores have higher magnetic permeability than traditional transformer cores, resulting in less core loss. This loss reduction is especially important as it leads to higher energy efficiency.

Conventional transformer cores are crafted from crystalline materials, such as silicon steel. The crystalline structure introduces resistance and hysteresis that incur energy loss in the form of heat. Amorphous cores, however, comprise an alloy of iron, silicon, boron, and carbon. The absence of a crystalline structure allows amorphous cores to remain magnetized in the absence of an applied field. Therefore, amorphous cores experience less hysteresis loss and resultant heat loss.

The low core loss of amorphous cores allows efficient power transmission and reduced energy costs, making them a smart choice for power companies that want to reduce energy consumption and costs.

2. Reduced Noise

Amorphous core transformers, as a result of their magnetic properties, operate at a lower noise level than transformers with traditional cores. This has made them ideal for a wide range of applications where low noise levels are essential, such as hospitals, schools, or other such areas.

The reduced noise levels of amorphous core transformers can also make them more suitable for industrial use, where noise can have adverse effects on the workforce and the worksite. Additionally, the lower noise levels of amorphous core transformers can help reduce any noise pollution in the environment since they make less noise while still operating with high efficiency levels.

3. Better Reliability

Amorphous cores have enhanced resistance to damage from magnetic fields, temperature, and oxidization. This resistance is critical in ensuring the transformer maintains its efficiency and reliability over time.

Most power transformers today use traditional silicon steel cores, which have low resistance to magnetic fields. The fields can cause operational issues in the transformer and result in depletion of its efficiency and failure over time. Amorphous cores, however, have a higher magnetic saturation capacity that makes them highly resistant to the effects of strong magnetic fields.

The resistance to damage due to heat is also crucial in ensuring the transformer can withstand operating conditions, especially in extreme environments. Amorphous cores' unique properties of being a highly stable and corrosion-resistant material keep the transformer's performance consistent over time.

4. Smaller and Lighter in Weight

Amorphous cores have higher permeability and saturation flux density, making them ideal for size and weight-restricted applications. The high permeability allows amorphous cores to be thinner, resulting in smaller transformers that are lighter in weight.

The reduction in weight makes the transformers more portable and easier to transport, reducing the cost of transportation and installation. Additionally, the smaller size and lighter weight of amorphous core transformers make them ideal for use in residential and industrial settings where space is limited.

5. More Environmentally Friendly

Amorphous cores are more environmentally friendly than traditional transformer cores. This is because their lower energy consumption equates to a reduced carbon footprint.

The manufacturing of silicon steel transformer cores requires large amounts of energy and results in emissions that are harmful to the environment. However, amorphous core transformers with their higher efficiency at lower core losses translate to less carbon emissions, making them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious companies.


The benefits of using amorphous cores in power transformers cannot be overstated. The higher energy efficiency, reduced noise levels, increased reliability, reduced size and weight, and environmental friendliness make them an excellent option for energy providers seeking to improve their systems' functionality.

By using amorphous cores, power transformers are more efficient, quiet, reliable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. Therefore, amorphous core technology is a solution for energy providers searching for a high-quality, long-lasting, and sustainable power transformer solution.

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